A simple guide to making music with Audacity

Adobe Audition for PC,

The expense of hiring a professional sound engineer to make a demo recording is prohibitively expensive for many musicians. As a result, many musicians are on the lookout for other options.

Learning production and recording methods on your own is a considerably more cost-effective choice. Then record music on your PC using free software like Audacity.

You must first downlaod Audacity for PC and install before you can begin composing music. To acquire the latest version of Audacity for your operating system, go to the official Audacity website and follow the instructions.

Amplify your track:     

This may be the most often utilized feature in Audacity; in fact, many people have downloaded and installed the software just for the purpose of enhancing their recordings. When your recording device’s capture volume is low, this capability comes in handy. It also works the other way around, so if it’s too loud, input a negative value to lower the peak. It’s also quite straightforward.

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Change the pitch:

Have you ever wondered how to turn a regular voice recording into that squeaky tone? Audacity makes it very simple. Move the slider or enter a value in Percent Change under the Frequency section of Effects > Change pitch with an area chosen in the recording.

Removal of noise:

You’ve finished recording your tape, but when you play it back, you see that the mic caught up a lot of ambient or background noise. It’s obvious that the noise is bothersome, and it’s simple to get rid of it. First, choose a quiet location where no sound is required.

Modify the tempo:

You may be unhappy with the tempo of the audio you recorded and want to re-record it at a faster speed. You can accomplish it right in Audacity by using the Change Tempo effect. Change the value of Percent Change by inputting the value or using the slider as usual by going to Effect > Change Tempo.

Normalize audio levels:

Maintaining a stable and constant distance from the microphone is critical for optimum audio quality in speech recording. Otherwise, you may notice a sporadic rise and fall in sound levels, which is extremely annoying. Audacity offers a built-in feature that normalizes changing sound levels so you can get a good audio track.