How to Write PhDon Business Card

People have all sort of goals that they want to accomplish in life, and if you take pride in your ability to understand complex ideas and further them from an academic point of view, you might want to think about going for a post graduate degree. Most individuals are satisfied with the Bachelor’s degrees they already have, but if you really want to get deeper knowledge about what’s occurring in the world around you, you should strive for a Master’s degree.

Even a Master’s degree would not take you to the very edge of your chosen field, though. Suffice it to say that that honor only belongs to those that were able to finish a doctorate, and the most common type of doctorate degree is the PhD which stands for Doctor of Philosophy.Becoming a PhD is arguably one of the most difficult things that anyone can work towards, so if you manage to do it successfully you would obviously want to add it to any and all metal cards that you will hand out to each and every person that you come across.

There is a proper way to write PhD on a business card, and failing to use this method can make people cast aspersions on the legitimacy of your degree. You should start by mentioning Doctor, or the abbreviated Dr., prior to your name. After that, you can write the characters that will represent PhD with any font that you would ever want to utilize.That basically means that it should be written as Dr. Name, PhD so that people don’t assume that you are a medical doctor and start asking annoying and irrelevant questions.