Is there any extra cost for your shipping?

logistics and supply chain

This question will arise in many people’s minds when they are planning for the shipping process. But it is not a fact, if you have linked up with the best SiCepat cargo service team you will get a wider chance and options for utilizing the facilities and features that the service team offers. The cargo will offer a lower level of the shipping process for holding the heavier goods for transporting throughout Indonesia.

If you are confused with the price that they charge while you are shipping, in that case, you can directly start checking its value at the calculator. You don’t want to download any special application for this, directly from their official website you can start checking for it.

logistics and supply chain

What type of service help do they offer?

  • You will get a chance for getting 24 * 7 hours customer enabled service help.
  • A large selection of commercial-based fleets or trucks can be selected.
  • The cost that you are going to pay and process for checking will get fitted inside the budget.

They are used for reducing or eliminating the overhead costs that they charge for altogether processing. But if you are organizing and making it ready by yourself at that point you have to spend a huge amount of money for the truck maintenance, insurance, parking, and security costs. Before you are going to sign the deal along with SiCepat cargo you can check for all the rules that are given on that same page that will guide you in knowing, how your goods would be transferred from point to point correctly.