The economy is in crisis and everyone knows they are. It is increasingly difficult to pay the bills. At times like this, Care must be taken so that the financial issues do not become a snowball. Many people are willing to make an effort to keep up with their commitments and want to find out how to get out of debt quickly. your case, check out the tips we prepared in this article.


Write down all your expenses and income

You know that feeling that the money has “evaporated” from your account and you, didn’t you even see where it ended up? The best way to end it? place all values ​​at the tip of the pencil. Whether to get around debts or to earn more money,? it is necessary to control daily expenses, knowing exactly the origin and destination of all values.


Create a goal to save

After knowing everything about your own money, time to organize the monthly budget and create a goal to save. If you are not being able to start with a higher value, like 30%, try to save at least 10% or 5%. That money is used to pay debts and, in the medium term, to establish a healthy financial life. Do you get the way of saving money? It is one of the most important points for the balance of finances. Simple attitudes like having a piggy bank to store the coins contribute to you. develop the saving routine.


Start by paying off debt at higher interest rates

Start by paying off debt at higher interest rates

Require all your debts and make an analysis of each one. Separate the ones with the highest interest rates and plan to quit them today. Unfortunately, Brazilians suffer from high interest rates and postpone paying high-interest debts. it makes the situation worse.


Renegotiate other debts

After paying off the high-interest debts, try to negotiate the other debts. Talk directly to the people and companies you are looking for. must and tell the truth. Show that you? are you? willing to pay. If it is possible, try to pay off the first installment as soon as possible so that you do not fall victim to interest.


Forget the credit card

Forget the credit card

Instead of buying on the card, make your daily purchases (food, transportation, bills) in cash. In addition to avoiding debts for the next month, this practice has other benefits. Can it even seem strange to anyone who is used to it? technology, but having the money in your hands helps you control every penny that comes out of your pocket.


Use financial apps

Nowadays, there are technological facilities that help us control finances. Financial applications for mobile phones, such as Good Lenders, are a great example. In addition to being free, it automatically controls spending, separating it into categories. It works like this:

  1. You? internet banking data inserts;
  2. The Good Lenders application surveys all transactions made in your checking account and credit card;
  3. The tool automatically separates expenses by categories;
  4. Result: is it easier to know where? It is possible to cut expenses and identify potential savings.

Did you like today’s tips? For those who wanted to know how to get rid of their debts quickly, it was clear that the task requires some sacrifices. However, with a little organization? it is possible to breathe more easily. Remember to keep stocks in the long term to avoid getting into debt again! Do you want to receive more content like this? 

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