With more and more courses available, Kevin is taking over the digital course market.


Upon meeting Kevin David in the middle of the day, you might wonder why he does not appear to be working or attending school. There is nothing unusual about him. He appears to be a regular 25-30-year-old walking down the street. It is no secret that kevin david is anything but ordinary. He became a millionaire before the age of thirty and mentors and taught a community of over half a million individuals.

It is through utilizing a profitable digital course market that he makes his money. Still, his enormous success is also directly attributed to his hard work and providing value to others. Kevin David’s massive success was largely due to social media marketing, but there are many other factors. Through the use of multiple social media platforms and digital marketing strategies, kevin david was able to sell courses that teach fellow entrepreneurs how to replicate his success by creating businesses using Amazon, Shopify and Facebook Ads by utilizing multiple social media platforms.

In the past few years, Kevin David has taught 509,547 people how to make online money and helped 2,376 people quit their part-time jobs to make online full-time. His knowledge wasn’t accessible to hundreds of thousands of people easily. To reach as many people as possible, Kevin created videos on YouTube. He gives business, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle advice to over 382,000 subscribers on his channel.


You can check out his channel by clicking here. Since thousands of people see his free videos daily, they are compelled to buy his paid courses, where he describes business models and strategies in greater detail. As a second form of marketing, Kevin used Facebook advertising to reach thousands of people who had never heard of his content by running paid traffic to specific audiences every day.

It effectively grew his brand beyond YouTube and into the biggest social media platform. Ultimately, Kevin sold hundreds of thousands of courses due to all these activities. In his program, he created the largest Facebook group in the world, where students could interact with him and other entrepreneurs directly. Among the topics are business-related questions, motivational questions, and general ways to improve one’s quality of life.

With his Digital Course Secrets program, Kevin teaches others how to sell courses the same way he did by sharing the same formula that helped him succeed. Besides teaching how to create an awesome course, he also explains how to launch and market your course the best way possible and in the shortest amount of time, which eliminates all of the obstacles he encountered during his business journey.