How to become an associate of amazon?

being an amazon affiliate

Step to be an associate of Amazon:

1. Make a website or a blog.

You must have an active website, or YouTube channel, blog, app for how to become an affiliate of amazon. It’s also beneficial if you’ve already pre-populated the site with material, making it look current and legitimate to visitors and Amazon. Remember that as part of the application process, you must be able to articulate the objective of your website. So, understand why you’re creating your website, who you’re going to target, and how you go to gain visitors.

2. Go to the Amazon Associates website and click the “Sign Up” button:

how to become an affiliate of amazon? you must first set up your Amazon Associates account. To do so, go to the Amazon Associates web page and select Sign Up. You’ll then be requested to sign in to your current Amazon account or create a new one.

3. Fill out your account details.

Fill up your account details (including the name, address, and phone number of many recipients).

4. Enter the URL of your website.

Enter the URLs of your websites, you tube channels, applications, and so on.

5. Enter your preferred store ID.

Enter your desired shop ID (generally the same as your website name), describe what your websites intend to achieve, and choose Amazon themes that your links will most likely target.

being an amazon affiliate

6. Explain how you get people to your website.

Explain how you drive traffic to your websites, how you generate money from your websites or applications, how you build links in general, and how many visitors your site receives each month.

7. Enter traffic-generating techniques:

Amazon will ask you how you intend to route visitors to your website(s) further down the page (and consequently to your Amazon affiliate products). You’ll also be asked about your general monetization techniques, how you include links in the content, and how many views your websites receive from month to month.

8. As an Associate, list the websites and mobile apps you want to use:

Make a list of all the websites and mobile applications where you want Amazon Associate links, banners, and adverts to appear. You must include at least one website or mobile app in your list. The number of websites or applications you can list is limited to 50.

9. Allow time for approval.

You’re all set now! All that remains is to wait for Amazon’s clearance. If your site fits the standards and you provided information, you should gain it shortly. It usually takes one day, but it may take longer or shorter depending on your unique scenario.

10. A rep for each Amazon location:

Amazon Associates is a strange program in that you must apply to each Amazon area shop where you wish to promote items independently.