Things to know about buying fake id


Teens should be informed that carrying, or using a false ID has serious implications. The legal drinking age in most states is 21, as is the legal possession or purchase of tobacco, nicotine, or vape goods. However, it is not surprising that pre-teens and teenagers discover methods to smoke, vape, and consume alcohol. Teens obtain alcohol and smokes from friends, older siblings, and even parents, who either voluntarily provide it to them or are unaware that it has been stolen from their house. If you want you can buy a fake id from idgod.

All states have fake ID laws. However how the offence is classified and punished varies by state. Possession of false identity is a crime in and of itself, and if you use that fake ID to do an illegal act, you may face further charges and penalties. Using a genuine ID that is not yours is also a crime. It may be a lesser offence in many places.


How can teenagers obtain forged identification?

  • One means of obtaining alcohol is to unlawfully modify your own identification. This has grown increasingly difficult as states have increased ID card security, making it nearly impossible to change the information on them and build a convincing false ID.
  • Underage teenagers may attempt to pass off identity handed to them by older siblings or friends as their own. However, the majority of teenagers obtain a fake ID from idgod. Manufacturers in other countries, who utilise specialist printers, have seized on the convenience of internet buying.
  • Because these firms often provide a price reduction for a bigger purchase, a group of people may go in together to order their fakes. After the money transfer is completed, the fake IDs are mailed to the recipient within few weeks, typically placed between the pages of a book.