User guide for using a one-hitter dry herb vaporizer

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The Helix one-hitter pipe is a small pipe that is used for smoking. This pipe is made up of metal, glass, or ceramic. This contains a bowl to store the weed that is required for a perfect hit. There are many types of pipes available on the market, but this type is popular because it requires less weed for a hit and is easy to handle.

This design is also famous for various reasons, like low cost, cost effectiveness, consuming less weed, perfect hit, and more. For smokers, this is the weed hitter’s powerhouse. They are available in different colors with aircraft aluminum in them, so the airflow in the pipe will be smooth and cool without overheating.

While coming to one hitter, it is classified into two main types:

  1. Metal one hitter
  2. Glass one hitter

Metal one hitter

This is made with a smooth design that looks pretty and attracts people to buy and use it. This has additional advantages too. While smoking, it’s easy to taste and draw on the pipe. This is due to the smooth surface material that is used to make this equipment.

Glass one hitter

This is a conventional pipe that was popular in the 1970’s and now it is remodeled for cannabis consumption. This is popular for its artsy and complex design. This attracts people with various designs and colors. This is easy to clean after use. But the negative thing is to be handled carefully as it is made up of glass material.

The Helix one-hitter vessel is a perfect design by engineers that helps to experience an optimal smoking effect. A piece of brass is inserted to cool the smoke before it reaches the mouth piece. The insert can be dismantled easily for cleaning.


  • If you are a regular weed smoker, you know that using a pipe is the best way to enjoy dry herbs.
  • One hitter is a pipe specially designed for single use. So, you never need to feel guilty about cleaning the pack after every use.
  • It’s easy to carry with you in your packet anywhere you wish.
  • This method is more efficient than the other method.
  • You can get a perfect hit by using this method without wasting even a small amount of smoke from the pipe.
  • This consumes a lesser quantity of weed, so you smoke less, but you still get a large quantity of smoke. So, get control of your smoking.